Matthieu Stefani - How to diverse yourself

By Bacely

Matthieu Stefani
This week’s  for my new episode podcast  the guest is Matthieu Stefani, is a  Founder of 10+ companies since 2005, Matt is a champion of ideas. He never fails to bring those ideas to life, whether for himself or for his clients. He pioneered social commerce with the launch of several successful products in France, and is an expert on social media and online content. He’s worked in digital media since 2002, and founder and host of the successful podcast “Génération Do It Yourself”. Matthieu is a coach at ESCP Europe Business School, speaker at HEC and advisor for several companies and VCs.

“Diversify your perspective is the key to your success!”

Matthieu Stefani

In this episode of Askbacely you’ll be inspired and motived by Stefani 
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