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The AskBacely Show, is an original and weekly show Where I share my perspective with my guest and my audience about happiness in tech world. #Askbacely is the first international media program to commit to inclusive balance for guests.

“Ask me anything on #Askbacely I will do my best to find a great answer for you don’t worry is totally free. 🙂 #fyp #foryourpage #foryou” – Bacely

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“Quest for meaning without listening to the senses is only runie of the soul” – Bacely

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About Bacely YoroBi

Bacely Yorobi is co-founder and CEO of Connectxglobal, a not-profit startup that connects tomorrow's leaders with the world-class organization, former community manager of the Ivorian government, International and Inspirational Speaker, He has severals awards like MIT GSW Fellow 2015, CRANSMONTANA 2015, ICI2014 Startup Awards, Carrefour des Possibles , Fellow DEMO Africa.

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